Service - Defined

FSI provides a range of solutions and services.  When things break, or chores need to be done, we all struggle to balance checking those boxes and spending valuable time with our families and friends.  Sometimes those chores or fixes can be beyond our ability and we need an experienced hand.  FSI is here to support property owners through excellence in customer service and professional quality maintenance and repairs..


We send aircraft into space - there is no reason why your dreams and vision cannot be accomplished.  Through ingenuity and tolerance come great ideas.  Renovate or restore your rental, home, or investment property with your vision and goals.  We're here to help.

Rental Property Maintenance

Maintaining your rental property has never been so easy.  Cost effective, efficient, and routine services designed to keep your property in shape and shine brightly on the market when available for rent.  Whether you are in town or across the globe - FSI provides you with the level of support and customer service that you would expect from a top tier single source solution.  We create customized maintenance plans for your rental property to mitigate damage and increase longevity.  Eviction disaster? We have a "Make Ready" solution to get you back in the game without breaking the bank.  


FSI services and level of quality exceed current industry standards.  We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and efficiency in handling your life challenges.  Clients may experience joy, happiness, and even fainting.

We believe that lasting relationships are forged through the creation of ideas, realization of challenges, and the development of solutions.  See what a difference FSI can make in your life, today!


Customized Residential Solutions

Our white gloved handyman service is designed to cater to your every need around the home.  From general maintenance and repair to custom projects and even pick up and delivery - we find enjoyment in the consistency of new challenges! With a laundry list of things to do - maybe some daunting and sometimes overwhelming - let us help prioritize, calculate, and tackle the projects on a schedule that works with your life, and your budget.  Increase the value of your home over time through small projects and upgrades.  Create the space you wanted, the storage you needed, or the entertainment room of your dreams.  

Real Estate Transaction Support

When your home sale is on the line - little issues can turn into a huge deal.  FSI provides the most cost effective and realistic solutions delivered in a professional and timely manner.  We support our local Real Estate Agents, Property and Community Management Agencies!